Greenford crash results

Back in August 2011 iuckcan was involved in one of the strangest and potentially most life changing crash a cyclist has uploaded to youtube.

Driving without due care and attention.
Driver one Defendant: Chris Bassett, Court: Richmond Magistrates, Date: 28/02/2012, Offence: Driving without due care and attention, Result: PLEADED GUILTY RECEIVED SIX POINT AND A £230 FINE.
Drive two, Defendant: TREPAK Susan (Ms). Court: Richmond Magistrate, Date 10/09/2012, Offence: Driving without due care and attention, Result Pleaded NOT GUILITY. Found Guilty – Fine £130. Court Cost £130. £15 victim surcharge 3 penalty points.
All of the above information is in the public domain, due to the defendants being found guilt.

3 thoughts on “Greenford crash results”

  1. Not for the first time, find myself rather puzzled by the sentencing. Why, given the fact she was clearly unrepentant and pleaded not guilty, did Ms Trepak receive a lesser fine and fewer points? The fact that she appears blissfully unaware of the danger she poses to vulnerable road users is most worrying and should, in my opinion, have resulted in a harsher sentence.

    1. She received a fine that was £45 more in total, due to the court costs and victim surcharge. In my opinion she should have received more than 3 penalty points.

  2. Susan Trepack should have received a much harsher sentence than this. Judges and Magistrates live in a different world it seems so often these days. Either that or they are motorists and do not really give a stuff about cyclists!

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