Results of NA57ZTB and Y54VEN

For those of you who don’t know me I am pilotincommand100/Cycling Dan.

I am writing about two incidents that happened to me in the Newcastle upon Tyne area.

First incident 

NA57ZTB which is a CHEVROLET LACETTI SX 5DR, Male driver

The incident happen on Whitley road in Benton on the roundabout outside the XS superbowel.

Looking at the video you are able to see what happen. I have a helmet camera which has come in handy with regards to the police. It is what sets the difference between the police being able to do something and not being able too.

I was able to contact the police and make a report of this incident using the 101 number which is the non emergency number. Incidents like this can be sorted by a planner appointment. This is where a PC or NCO from your local station will come and visit you. The NCO was able to see firsthand what happened. He then asked what my opinion was and what I wanted from the visit. Normally the officer who visits you will also visit the address of the registered keeper of the vehicle providing that they are in the catchment area of the police station they are based at.

Second Incident 

This was by Y54VEN a black Vauxhall, female driver

This happened on Preston road roundabout outside Tynemouth swimming pool.

This incident is very similar to the first one except instead of being brake tested any nearly going into the back of her she cut in front and nearly took my front wheel off. I swore after being in shock. I got myself mentally ready to come off my bike at 18mph+. At 0:10 in the video my back wheel locked and doing what I could get out of her way the wheel swung to the right and i lost control for a moment, enough to nearly come off. This was not me moving right to try to hit the car as suggested by a YouTube user. I composed myself and went up to the driver’s window. She then denies it completely but as the video shows she was totally unaware of what she had done.

This driver was reported through 101.

The officer who visited was amazing and his colleague was a cyclist as well. The officer thought my camera was great and we got on very well. He has also viewed some of my other videos and likes the idea .

He was in the local station to the registered keeper of the vehicle, so he was able to talk to the driver and also brought the video on YouTube to the drivers attention again and showed it to her (pictures if she had no way to view it  or video itself im not sure which one). However she was not the registered keeper of the vehicle but was at the address.

This driver contacted me on YouTube. In the video stating she was sorry for ‘coming so close’. Followed by criticising  my airzound and my attitude but in the situation I don’t know what she would be expecting.

Drivers Reply

“Hello, can I start by saying that I am very sorry for ‘coming so close’ to you. I have a lot of respect for cyclist, my dad is a keen cyclist and I have been known in the past to cycle using the roads myself. I have also held a clean licence for over six years. I currently under a large amount of stress and have learned a lesson from this. However, tooting a loud horn, shouting and driving up to someone’s driver window and confronting them on a busy round about as opposed to asking someone t”

The Officer called back two days later. He did go to the address of the registered keeper of the vehicle the same day as talking to me but the driver was not in. I got a call from him but missed it. However I rang him up at the station through the 101 number. He told me what happen during the talk and asked if I was happy or wanted anything else done but I was more than happy with the result.

1st Incident Result

I was informed by call by an operator from 101 number that the driver of the vehicle was not on record, so the driver was given a verbal warning and the drivers plate would remain on intelligence for the Traffic Police.If anything like this happens to someone else the police know and he will then be prosecuted. I was informed of the result a few hours after the NCO visited

2nd Incident Result

She was  not on record. The officer visited her and she was given a warning and went on intelligence. However when i rang the officer up after i missed him, he informed me that she was apologetic however he was not getting the impression she thought or knew she did anything wrong. However I think a visit from the police was enough for her to rethink her driving. So I asked for it not to go any further. I was more than happy with what had happened.

Feel free to comment! I am happy to answer any questions anyone may have.

Regards Cycle Dan


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