Semi-Result from Collision with RJ05EFO & NC04LXG

For those of you that can’t remember the collision that iuckcan had back in September 2011, here is the video.

The driver of the black Golf RJ05EFO has pleaded guilty and received 6 points on his license and a £230.

The driver of the silver Ford NC04LXG has pleaded not guilty, even after seeing the video. The court case for this has been delayed till September 2012.

I’m not 100% sure what the charges are, probably Careless Driving for both of them.

Note that the court case was delayed due to the file format being a .mov. So it would seem that the police have the footage in a digital format. From my own experience of using video footage in courts, the best option is to provide the police with a DVD that is playable in a standard DVD player. That way the footage can easily be managed by the police, copies can be made etc.. and the footage can be played in court.

The initial result for the first driver is a fair one going by the other results we have seen from video camera cyclists. We will just have to wait and see what happens with the next one, I suspect it won’t be much higher.

9 thoughts on “Semi-Result from Collision with RJ05EFO & NC04LXG”

  1. I’m so glad this guy had a helmet cam… I wonder just how many cyclists would benefit yearly from such a practice.

    I’m not very familiar with UK streets, but that intersection looked wickedly complicated.

  2. Would you say it’s best to have the full unedited footage made on to the DVD for the police? I mean, the section where the incident occurs unedited?

    1. Anything you give to the police should be unedited. Start the video from before you see the vehicle for the first time and end it after you see the vehicle for the last time. This gives the police the full view of what happened, something minor earlier on could have affected what happened after.

  3. Almost a carbon copy of a near miss I had last week. Fortunately I managed to avoid a collision. I was travelling at around 28 mph, in good light condition and near perfect weather. I put my escape down to my outstanding bike handling skill, and a huge slice of luck!

  4. Amazing that the woman in the silver car still thought she was not at fault, even after seeing the video. Looking forward to hearing the outcome. Hopefully it will be expensive for her. She wasn’t in the least bit sympathetic, immediately went to “I din’t do nuffin!”

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