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Video camera cyclists tips

Some of us have got a lot of experience in using cameras and making videos, here are some top tips from some of the well-known users.

  • Subscribe to all other video camera cyclists. Watch their videos and comment on them. This will help others get to know you, they will subscribe back and watch your videos. In turn giving you feedback and helping your channel grow.
  • Test your camera set up before you hit the road. Too much sky or too much road will leave out vital detail and can affect the quality of your video.
  • Brush up on your cycling skills. Read CycleCraft or take a bikeability course. You are openly displaying how you ride and you can affect people’s opinions of cyclists and video camera cyclists.
  • Learn from your mistakes. You are in a unique position to replay what happened without your memory affecting it. Learn from your mistakes and don’t make them again.
  • Take constructive criticism from others. With other video camera cyclists watching your videos, they may pick up on something which is unsafe / best avoided and they may comment on that.
  • Don’t take stupid criticism. Some people know nothing about the road network, or how to ride a bicycle on it. They usually spout off about riding as close to the pavement as possible etc.. These people are best ignored / deleted and blocked.
  • Try to keep your head still. A still video is more watchable than a bumpy one. Securely fastening your camera and using a wider lens angle can help with this. Obviously shoulder check and look around were needed.
  • Try to keep your temper and anger under control. Whilst it is understandable that when someone has almost collided with you and nearly knocked you off your bicycle. It can make us look bad and the aggressor in the eyes of the public. The police will understand if you swear as the incident happens, that is after all human nature. If however you continue to use foul language and they may choose to prosecute under section 5 of the Public Order Act.
  • Avoid confronting motorists. Remember you have the incident on video and can report it to the police. You have no idea what kind of person the motorist is, they may have a weapon close to hand and be ready to use it.
  • Call out number plates as the camera may not pick it up.
  • Avoid the muvi clones, they are generally rubbish (poor battery life, not weather proof and a narrow lens angle)

With thanks to 4ChordsNoNet, growingvegetableMaidstoneonbikerfrst and SkrzypczykBass

Do you have any tips for video camera cyclists? Let us know in the comments below.

Semi-Result from Collision with RJ05EFO & NC04LXG

For those of you that can’t remember the collision that iuckcan had back in September 2011, here is the video.

The driver of the black Golf RJ05EFO has pleaded guilty and received 6 points on his license and a £230.

The driver of the silver Ford NC04LXG has pleaded not guilty, even after seeing the video. The court case for this has been delayed till September 2012.

I’m not 100% sure what the charges are, probably Careless Driving for both of them.

Note that the court case was delayed due to the file format being a .mov. So it would seem that the police have the footage in a digital format. From my own experience of using video footage in courts, the best option is to provide the police with a DVD that is playable in a standard DVD player. That way the footage can easily be managed by the police, copies can be made etc.. and the footage can be played in court.

The initial result for the first driver is a fair one going by the other results we have seen from video camera cyclists. We will just have to wait and see what happens with the next one, I suspect it won’t be much higher.

Reporting Videos to the Police

Got a video of a particularly dangerous driver putting you or someone else’s life in danger on the roads?
Want to report it to the Police but don’t know how?

You may think it isn’t worth reporting poor drivers to the police. In some areas it may not be worth reporting the slightly poor ones but dangerous road users should be reported to the police, especially when you have video evidence of how dangerous they are. Your police service may not be used to it but don’t let that stop you. That dangerous driver could kill or seriously injure someone if they are not spoken to by the police.

General Tips

  • Don’t give up – you may get turned away by the police but keep at it.
  • Avoid talking to officers at reception about your incident – just ask to report a Road Traffic Incident (this is usually requires you to fill out a form, which is sent to a traffic unit). The desk officers will be opinionated and may not like cyclists, it just isn’t worth your time talking to them.
  • Be prepared to be let down. The Police will only push a case for prosecution if they believe the CPS will take the case. This usually means only the most serious incidences will ever see court action. A talking to by the police or a letter is a good result in most cases.
  • If a driver gets out of their vehicle and physically touches you, that is assault and should be reported as such. Assault is taken much more seriously than traffic incidences.


You can find all the contact details of every police station here. Send a link of your video with a brief description and your details (name, date and place of birth, address etc..), the licence plate is not a must but things go a lot faster if you have all the numbers and characters.
Once this is done you will get a subpoena in the mail soonish to give a testimony at the station. Police will make a CD/DVD of your video, no need to burn it.
The whole process takes about 3 months if no hiccups occur.

Thanks to sajatzsiron for this information

United Kingdom

Avon and Somerset

Avon and Somerset police do have an online form which goes to the Roads Policing Unit. However this appears to be for general questions rather than reporting of incidences.

Thanks to Redvee2002 for this information


Report to the local police station, the traffic unit will look into it and see if they can use the video footage as an independent witness. They ask that you keep the footage off of youtube etc.. when reporting it to them. As they can’t use footage from the public domain as evidence. Technically that isn’t true, we have had cases go to court where the footage had over 15,000 views on youtube.

Thanks to Monkreadusuk for the information.


Kent Police only look into an incident if it could go to the Crown Prosecution Service, so no letters or visits from police officers. Otherwise it is automatically closed (without looking at the footage). Helmet camera footage isn’t seen as an ‘independent witness’.

Thanks to maidstoneonbike for the information

London / Greater London

Reporting general incidences

In London we are lucky enough to have the RoadSafe London reporting system. A simple web based form which goes straight to the Road Crime Intelligence Unit which is staffed by experienced traffic officers. They have the capability to view youtube videos and will watch videos submitted to them via the form. This form and unit is not aiming for prosecutions, if the incident is particularly bad then it is best to do the paper form method mentioned below.
RoadSafe London look to educate people in a simple way, by sending them letters. This has a noticeable impact as a few video camera cyclists have seen offenders a few weeks later and their driving has been near perfect the second time.
Reports are recorded on a database so repeat offenders are easily spotted.

Reporting serious incidences

These will need to be reported at a Police station, it can be done at any station in London or Greater London. Fill out form 207 Road Traffic Collision form, burn a copy of the whole incident on DVD or CD and take it and the form to a police station. Some of the form may not be applicable, just leave it out. I was advised by a traffic officer from RoadSafe London to fill out form 207 with this incident which resulted in the owner of the vehicle being prosecuted.

[Do you have more information about RoadSafe London or how to report incidences in London?]


In Northumbria they cant view videos at there call centres, not sure of the police station never used it. however they always send an officer round to view the video and the officer normally comes round the next day or the night of reporting it. Normally sorted in a few hours unless when they knock on the drivers door they dont get an answer. The police force round me is great.
easy to contact using 101 number or email.
10/10 for my police force

Thanks to PilotInCommand100 for this information


Operation Crackdown is run by Sussex police and allows you to report anti-social and dangerous driving online.

Operation Crackdown will only take action against drivers that are reported more than once.

Thanks to SheffieldCyclist for information on Operation Crackdown.

[Do you have more information about Operation Crackdown or how to report incidences in Sussex?]


Drive SMART allows road users in Surrey to report road incidences to Surrey Police.

[Do you have more information about Drive SMART or how to report incidences in Surrey?]


Have we missed your area? Do you have information on how you can report incidences in your area? Get in touch with us and we can update the post.

Guide to Buying a Helmet Camera

Mark Schulze, a Director of Photography and ow...
Image via Wikipedia

The popularity of helmet cameras has exploded over the past few years, hundreds of cyclists across the world are using cameras to record and tell their stories. Thousands of road users are also doing the same. With this increase we see more and more asking which camera they should buy, this guide to buying a helmet camera should help you find out exactly what camera fits your needs.

So you are in the market for a helmet camera? But where to start? Follow this guide and hopefully you will be in a position to make a choice about which camera is best for you.


Your budget will be the biggest factor in choosing which camera to go for. The general rule is that the more you spend the better quality camera you get. Be it HD, better mounts, better quality parts used and more features.


A huge decision is going to be quality. HD is a great thing to have but comes at a cost, greater than £100 for a good camera with a HD chip. HD isn’t everything, you can still get a good picture without HD by choosing a camera which uses a good quality sensor. HD does often give a clearly image and has a wider lens angle, all positives.

Lens Angle

The lens angle makes a huge difference to what is captured by the camera. A wider lens angle will pick up more footage but it has it’s downsides. Wide angle lenses often create a fish eye look and elements on the edge of the film will often be further away than they actually are (making close passes look further away than they really are). It also makes judging speed on film a little bit harder.
I use a 1080p camera but run it at 960p, why? Because the 1080p mode uses a smaller lens angle and zooms the image in. I would much rather have a wider lens angle and a taller image to get the most footage I can, it makes a huge difference.

Body Format

Helmet cameras come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from bullet to cubes. When choosing what you want it is wise to take into consideration where you are going to mount your camera (It doesn’t have to be on the helmet). Square cameras look a bit silly on a helmet when you compare them to bullet format cameras but the square cameras seem to look and fit better when fitted to the handle bars. Slimmer cameras, such as the veho muvi, can also fit into the vents of your helmet, making them a bit more discrete.


It is a good idea to look at what mounting options there are with each camera you are considering. The more expensive cameras usually have more professional looking mounts and a wider selection. If there isn’t a specific helmet mount or if you choose to make your own then it is a good idea to take into consideration how secure it is going to be. The specific helmet mounts are designed with some sort of give in it, so if you are involved in a collision then the camera will come away from the helmet and not cause added damage to your head by causing the helmet to crush more than it should do. I would suggest not to zip tie your camera to your helmet.

If the camera comes with a 1/4″ screw thread then the possibilities for mounting are pretty much endless. RAM offer some amazing options which a few of us take advantage of and mount our cameras to various parts of our frames and handlebars.

What is in the box?

It’s a good idea to check what comes with the camera before you purchase it. The accessory that you want may be excluded or in the case of the Contour cameras the vented helmet mount is not included and i know this has caught a few buyers out. So it’s important that you check and factor any additional items in the total cost of the camera.

Memory Cards

Pretty much all cameras use some form of SD card, be that standard or Micro. Most cameras come with a memory card but often one small in size. You will probably need to get a bigger memory card, but how big depends on how long you want to ride between visits to a computer or a memory card swap.


Not all cameras have a removable battery, limiting your time on the road before you have to visit a computer or wall plug. Some of these can be modified to charge of a AA battery. Other units have removable batteries, so if you are on a long ride then you can swap out the battery when one dies and continue.


Some models of cameras come with some added features which can be nice, from lasers and small screens to bluetooth and GPS. Some features can be handy to have where as others are just additions which you never use. Think about which ones you need and which ones you don’t as they do affect the cost of the cameras.


It’s worth looking at reviews of the products and see what others thing about it. Just search the camera name + review in a search engine like google. Point Of View Cameras has reviews on all the major cameras and Magnatom has done a view of some cameras and compared them against each other. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Example Footage

Pretty much each camera type is already used by a cyclist online, so search for the camera on youtube and see if someone has some footage of it in use. This can make the difference in your choice. If you see another camera cyclist on youtube that has good footage, ask them what camera they use and they are more often that not happy to let you know what they use. Although it would be worthwhile looking on their channel and see if the information is displayed there or if someone else has already asked.

Which brands make good cameras?

  • Contour / Vholdr
  • GoPro
  • Veho
  • Drift Innovations
  • V.I.O POV

Where to buy cameras?

List of Video Camera Cyclists

Cyclists all over the world are taking to using video cameras as they go about there rides. Be them mounted on their helmets or on the bicycle, the cameras prove to be invaluable as they show what life is like as a cyclist across the globe.
Below we’ve listed all the video camera cyclists that we know of and which country and region them are from, if known. Not all video camera cyclists upload to youtube, so this is only a list of known video camera cyclists who upload.
See video camera cyclists from Austraila, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, FinlandGermany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, KoreaJapan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, SingaporeSlovakiaSwedenSwitzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America


  1. 2WheelsAndACamera
  2. 33iampaul
  3. Aushiker
  4. BicycleJason
  5. Boognoss
  6. chalinolobusmorio
  7. chungman212
  8. cyberwealth
  9. cycleAus
  10. CyclingAUS
  11. cyclingcambendigo
  12. eclessia
  13. evictorr – Melbourne
  14. georgeonhisbike
  15. HuggiesCycling
  16. Inwood2
  17. Jorgy1967Tiger
  18. KonaCommuter
  19. lowjer
  20. myforwik
  21. nitramluap
  22. OxfordYT
  23. Peddler2565
  24. rigidmount – NSW
  25. roadmonitoroz
  26. sarebelle
  27. tcol1979
  28. TheCyclingFirefly
  29. tony888vo
  30. trailgumby
  31. triplejay
  32. waynohh
  33. whisperingwheels


  1. ride007


  1. EugenioGregorio78
  2. fusterito


  1. adventuresincycling
  2. alexwarrior1
  3. buddybradley2007 – Vancouver
  4. CaptainPreferences
  5. extreme2themax
  6. grindupBaker
  7. littlemckay – Vancouver
  8. locutas1024
  9. lstewa222
  10. NoGo90
  11. Rantwick
  12. RedRavick
  13. RespectTheBike
  14. ryanz4
  15. torontocranks – Toronto

Czech Republic

  1. HaTom008
  2. LiamAnderson1
  3. squish225


  1. xliijoe


  1. timoohz


  1. BerlinCyclist
  2. Cuberadler
  3. HDHLde
  4. krobnitz
  5. M0rd7ust
  6. RadfahrerBT – Bayreuth
  7. RoadbikeFahrer
  8. rhein228
  9. Robin Hood
  10. speedbiker14


  1. atomboy83 – Szeged
  2. CyclistMachine
  3. errorkahun
  4. bobdobalnia
  5. sajatzsiron – Budapest
  6. SanskritFritz
  7. shaggitseg


  1. Balsinn


  1. betamonu
  2. CycleDub – Dublin
  3. deadlyspotvideos
  4. dublincyclist – Dublin
  5. lanzecki
  6. WelshDuBiker


  1. electriccyclist
  2. marcotosinurse
  3. TheItalianCyclist


  1. Missha9


  1. alexWiiDS
  2. CommutingJapan
  3. GatchaCycle


  1. AmCamBike
  2. beekie1982
  3. DavidHembrow
  4. DerkvanL
  5. dsiepman2000
  6. harwig
  7. markenlei
  8. metro2002
  9. pjotr320
  10. Quemo304
  11. twilwel
  12. xlnetwork

New Zealand

  1. abmannz
  2. BondMeisterbond
  3. ginganz13
  4. TheVexatiousLitigant
  5. WellingtonBikeCam01


  1. DelVeien – Oslo
  2. MortenHowLode


  1. 7Prozak7
  2. demcio84


  1. TheDanu7


  1. amvasiljev
  2. DarlokA256
  3. tmpttt1
  4. Tofalar


  1. SingaporeCyclist


  1. spuuzh


  1. KohlswaCNC
  2. Maciejkarp
  3. SouthSwedenCycling


  1. systemexit


  1. hipponokloo
  2. ziasong


  1. kievcyclist
  2. yurikslalom

United Kingdom

  1. 04smallmj – Essex
  2. 10936868
  3. 1970DGF
  4. 20cfog
  5. 24690553 – Birmingham
  6. 24leemo
  7. 2FlatErics
  8. 2rocship – Manchester
  9. 39stonecyclist
  10. 497103
  11. 4ChordsNoNet – Croydon, London
  12. 4L3X4ND3R5
  13. ABikeCam
  14. abperson
  15. acejase69
  16. adamjennison111
  17. AdamSemy
  18. adds21
  19. adysayswakeupffs
  20. agbell99 – London
  21. AldershotCyclist – Aldershot
  22. alexgreenbank
  23. alondoncyclist
  24. amc40
  25. amorfuss – Doncaster
  26. AnalogueAndy – Bath
  27. andi0kam – London
  28. andrewfowler1000
  29. Andrewrobinhood
  30. andyb0000
  31. andyjprice777
  32. Andy Lehrer
  33. AndyTrav1 – London
  34. Angelfishsolo
  35. Anna Triantafillou
  36. antlaff69
  37. AntPayne1
  38. apreater – London
  39. arallsopp – London
  40. argentum101
  41. AsusP8Z68V – Norwich
  42. atacama82
  43. Athomack
  44. atthesummitMTBskills
  45. AyrshireBacn
  46. b0ngmanuk
  47. bada55ba55
  48. BadSwindoomRoadUsers – Swindon
  49. baggyattheknees
  50. baldyteacher
  52. bazk666
  53. bbborp – London
  54. benlovejoy
  55. benwhiteuk – Portsmouth
  56. betterbybikeonline
  57. BikingLondon
  58. BicyCos
  59. bigblokeonabike
  60. bigbluemeanie
  61. bigguychappers – York
  62. bigsharnm – York
  63. BirmingCamCyclist
  64. BlackCountryBikeCam
  65. BoardsDarkglasses
  66. bobbending
  67. BoringVideosInk
  68. BoroGrecian
  69. BristolCameraCyclist
  70. Bristolcyclista – Bristol
  71. BristolTraffic – Bristol
  72. BromptonWorld
  73. brothersoulshine
  74. BrownhillsBob
  75. cabdav
  76. CaineAdam
  77. Camsplint
  78. cantankeroussquonk
  79. Canyoustoptryingtoki
  80. CapitalMover – London
  81. Carbontastic
  82. carsruleok – London
  83. celestialprods
  84. centralnights
  85. ChrisCLondon
  86. citycycling
  87. cjashwell – London
  88. cognitivedissident
  89. commuterCallum
  90. CommutingWithCamera
  91. CountryOfTheBlind – London
  92. cr3ated
  93. cranksandclay
  94. crazy580
  95. CrispyCatCam – London
  96. cristapper84 – London
  97. Cunobelin
  98. cycthulhu
  99. cyclea2b
  100. CycleGaz – London
  101. CycleSmarter
  102. cycletank
  103. cycleman8000
  104. cycleoptic
  105. cyclingbobby
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  117. CyclingWithMorons
  118. CyclistDan
  119. CyclistDavid
  120. CycloWaz
  121. cycopathifist
  122. d4rthpaul – Bristol
  123. DammyJoger
  124. DamoDoublemint – London
  125. dangisIt
  126. daniellepalmer
  127. dannyc73
  128. darreljameswhittle – Manchester
  129. DavidsCycling
  130. dcurzon1973 – London
  131. DeathonWheels1969 – London
  132. definitelynotkwacker
  133. dexradio – Kent
  134. dezbez747 – London
  135. distoredmotion
  136. dominicgkerr – Taunton / Oxford
  137. downfader2
  138. Downwardi
  139. DrMorocho
  140. drsquirrel0
  141. DrumsBikesBrains
  142. drysuitdiver
  143. Dukinfieldcyclist
  144. EasySlowRider
  145. eddbike
  146. edinbiker – Edinburgh, Scotland
  147. edinburghcitycycler – Edinburgh, Scotland
  148. EdinburghFixed – Edinburgh, Scotland
  149. EMDcam
  150. eml1909
  151. EP88S
  152. EthelF
  153. Ewan Login
  154. EWSnotDBS – York
  155. exmouthroady – Exmouth
  156. extreme2themax
  157. Everyman4himselfLDN
  158. fakestrat
  159. fat2oy
  160. fardsmobile
  161. femtojt
  162. fenegroni
  163. fightbaddriving
  164. finbat
  165. finlab
  166. FixieFarquhar
  167. Fizzerdrix – London
  168. fossyant – Manchester
  169. fotoih
  170. FreewheelingUK
  171. freeyourinnertube
  172. Fuzz944
  173. gadgetmind – Leeds
  174. gaj104 – London
  175. galaxytourer1
  176. genesis6891
  177. GeoffR1970
  178. germanicdogman – Liverpool
  179. giveamanabike
  180. givecyclistsroom
  181. GlasgowCycle – Glasgow
  182. GrahamLSimmons
  183. Graham Nicholls
  184. gratedcarrot
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  186. GreyhairScout
  187. growingvegetable – Leeds
  188. H3r3D4nny
  189. hairybuddha
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  192. HandleCam
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  196. HLaB75
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